Types of Kidney Donations


There are 3 types of living kidney donation:

  • Direct donation
  • Paired exchange donation
  • Chain donation                

With direct donation, the donor generally knows the recipient and donates directly to them. If the donor is compatible, the donor's kidney can be transplanted directly into the recipient. For a direct donation, the three primary requirements are that the donor must:

  1. Be healthy
  2. Have blood compatibility
  3. Pass the cross match and tissue typing test

                 (Points 2 & 3 are often a challenge in direct donation.)


Paired donation

A paired exchange begins with two or more donor/recipient pairs who are not compatible with each other. Paired donations provide a way for recipients and their incompatible donor to be paired with another incompatible recipient and donor.


Chain donation

Chain donation is a type of paired exchange where multiple people benefit from the results. Donors create a chain of transplants helping multiple individuals suffering from CKD.



Check out this video about paired donation